How SEO Approach Will Help to Get Results for your Website

Finally! An SEO approach that gets results


When I was about to launch my first blog in 2010, I felt GREAT.

To prepare for the big launch, I poured over dozens of SEO blog posts and forum threads.

So I was super excited when my blog finally went live. I thought to myself:

“It’s only a matter of time before you hit Google’s first page.”

There was only one problem:

It never happened.

Flash forward to today and Backlinko brings in over 180k unique visitors per month.

What changed?

I started to use the Do The Opposite Framework.

And it’s a framework more people are using to generate higher rankings and targeted traffic.

For example, here are 3 “normal” folks that are using the Do The Opposite Framework to grow their online business:

Dave Peralta recently hit Google’s first page for his target keyword.

Aaron Johnson created a blog post that outranks Wikipedia and Trip Advisor

Darren Dematas quickly boosted his ecommerce site’s traffic by 259%

As you’ll see in the article, these 3 marketers didn’t have huge marketing budgets or connections with influential bloggers.

In fact, like many people, they wrestled with common SEO challenges like:

“I’m already doing well with SEO. Now I want to scale up. The thing is, I’m a one man army going against big sites. Can I really scale if I’m doing it all myself?”

“I know how to write great content. But need to get better at promoting it.”

“I run an ecommerce site. Will white hat SEO really work for me?”

“I have clients in boring niches. Can I really create something people will actually share?”

If any of these statements sound familiar to you, you’re far from alone.

And I show you how to overcome these obstacles in today’s article.

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