Important Tips to Increase Web Traffic with SEO

YES! How to get more traffic with SEO

Back in October 2013 I had it all figured out.

(Or so I thought…)

I had just launched my first website out of my parents’ basement in Rhode Island.

And I had everything ready to rock on launch day.

Domain name and hosting? Check.

Split testing software? Check.

Product and sales funnel? Check.

I was only missing one little thing:


Because I lacked targeted traffic, my site went absolutely nowhere.

Unfortunately, it took me another 4 years to figure out how to get traffic from white hat SEO.

Today, I’m happy to say that I’ve cracked the SEO traffic code.

Would I like to get more traffic? Of course.

(Doesn’t everybody?)

But with 119k unique visitors/month, traffic isn’t a problem that keeps me up at night:

Backlinko Google Analytics web traffic

Backlinko Google Analytics
And looking back to my 4-year struggle, I can clearly see why SEO was an uphill battle for so long…

First, I listened to the wrong people.

I bought into the whole “just publish great content and you’ll rank” crowd. That idea may sound nice in a blog post, but it doesn’t work in the real world.

I learned the hard way that if you want to get traffic from SEO, you need to hustle and promote your content.

Second, I lacked a plan.

This is HUGE.

Unless you follow a proven, step-by-step blueprint, you’re going to struggle with SEO and content marketing. Period.

From 2008 to 2012, I went from blog post to article to forum thread…

…hoping that I’d magically put the pieces together.

It didn’t happen.

That’s when I decided to test everything myself to see what really worked. And that investment has paid off handsomely for me.

Now that I have a plan, I don’t need to listen to randoms on forums.

I just follow the steps. Get traffic. Rinse and repeat.

And because I attract people that want to invest in my training products, I’ve quickly turned Backlinko from a blank WordPress installation into a 7-figure business.

Bottom line?

Whether you own an ecommerce site, run a digital marketing agency, sell a service, or are a full-time blogger, you NEED targeted traffic.

In other words, traffic that converts into leads and sales.

The best way to do that?

Rank for keywords that your customers search for every day.

And that’s exactly why I’m emailing you today.

I’ve been working hard on a brand new project…

…a project that I KNOW you’ll get a ton of value from.

What’s the new project?

It’s a new training series that will show you how to generate more buyer traffic for you and your business.

I should warn you:

This isn’t going to be the same cookie-cutter advice that you hear from so-called SEO “experts”. In fact, I fully expect my material to ruffle some feathers.

So, you might be wondering:

What will you learn over the next few weeks?

Starting this coming Monday (October 31st), I’ll reveal the secret to creating content that generates first page rankings, targeted traffic, and sales.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

– How to create content that influencers in your industry WANT to share with their audience

– The secret to content that ranks on the first page of Google for keywords that your customers search for every day (this is HUGE for turning content into sales)

– The 4 deadly SEO mistakes that hold people back from success (hint: mistake #2 is something most so-called “experts” consider a “best practice”)

– A NEW behind-the-scenes case study of how I created a single piece of content that’s generated 246,057 visitors and ranks in the top 3 in Google for a very competitive keyword

And then, in mid-November, I’ll open enrollment for my premium business training course, SEO That Works 2.0. SEO That Works is the proven system trusted by over 1,500 graduates that shows you how to get first page rankings, step-by-step.

In short, you’re going to get a ton of actionable content from me over the next few weeks.

Like I said, I’m going to send you the first piece of content this Monday (October 31st). Keep an eye out for it.

But in the meantime, here’s something I’d like you to do right now:

Leave a quick comment right here saying, “I’m in!”. Then share the biggest struggle you have with SEO.

It only takes a sec. Just click the link and leave a quick comment right now.

And next week I’ll send you part 1 of this new training series.

See you then.

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