3 Social Media Marketing Content Plan for your Business?
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How to create social media marketing content plan quickly and easily?

Social Media plays a huge role in today’s online marketing scenario. Every industry wants their presence in Social network sites and evolve constant engagement with their target audience.

Even audience perspective differs from one another, if some choose to dislike more promotional brands, others like the brands which is constantly in touch with their user base and updating about upcoming launches and activity. This is when a social media expertise has to make a quick and easy content analysis, which is more appealing to target audience. The best way is to contact an social media marketing agency in Bangalore such as Digimark. 

Below are the major set rules for social media content creation.

  • Choose the right Social Networking Platform:

Before leaping into social media marketing one should understand their business model first, either its B2B or B2C to choose the right social platforms. There are few businesses whose presence in social media may not generate much lead, but to build brand awareness its important to run an organic social media marketing.

Each business holds different requirements for different purpose, so do the social networking sites, where the unanimous people connect with each other and appreciate to participate in particular activities on the social sites. Instead of being present in all the social media platforms and wasting your precious time and energy it important to do thorough research and detailed analysis to find the best social networking sites to garner the conversion.

  • Connect with the right target audience:

Like we said before each consumer holds different perspective on brand promotions in social network. The user base for each social platforms, changes accordingly based on their interest, one who is active in Facebook may not be a regular visitor to Twitter, and one who is active in Twitter may not be using Instagram.

Hence a proper audience insight and demographics will give you a proper understanding about each social networking users behaviour, based on this it will be easy to target your audience group to build a community of like minded people and invest right budget for an ad campaign in required social networking sites.  

  • Right content format for each networking site:

This is the step where your whole social media marketing strategy will be tested. “Content” will be the decision makers to get leads to your social media campaign. The whole social media marketing strategy is to pull consumers to your profile for conversion and leads, hence it is important to check on which social medium and what sort of content will grab more attention to your content post.

A recent study has shown that among 1.8 billion active Facebook users, most replay on links, videos and visual posts than reading high end articles, 600 million of Instagram users prefer visual creative posts, hashtags and the recent Instagram stories is gaining more popularity, where on Twitter it more on text words and GIF.

Hence we should create a unique strategized content for each social media medium to pull the attention of target audience and convert them into conversion. If your content is good enough to create viral sensation, then its a win win situation for both consumers and brands.

In conclusion a good research will help you plan a more effective content strategy for your social media ad campaign, don’t neglect any of these steps before promoting your content. If you are planning too many posts for the campaign,there are lots of social marketing tools which will help you to organise and also keep track of success ratio of the campaign.