4 Effective SEO Hacks to Improve your Google Rankings
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SEO Hacks to Improve Your Google Rankings

Do you find it a struggle to rank higher on google? Have you felt it to be useless on the 8th sheet of the google result page? Can your website ever befriend Google to make it rank better?

If you are thinking in these lines, we at Digimark Agency have a solution for you, and it is none other than practicing SEO techniques!

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is all about presenting the user with his relevant searches. The “relevant search” is a concept in itself. Some algorithms define based on the keywords, actual query the users look for, etc. Based on these, the most relevant pages that are optimized pages will rank on the search engine results page.

Follow these fundamental SEO guidelines to rank better across search engines!

  • Title Tags and Meta Tags -the On-page SEO essentials!
  • When your site shows up on a search result, the words used are displayed to your users. It is only wise to make sure your title tags are less than 55characters, and Meta tags are less than 160 characters. Include as many relevant keywords most compellingly with a call-to-action that lures your customers to choose your website over your neighboring competitor.

  • Get your site’s ‘Structured data’ or as they call it ‘Schema’!
  • If ranking higher on SERP is your scheme of things, then get Schema. A blend of your ratings, keywords, geographical tags, and images- all these play a role in improving your site’s ranking. If you incorporate all of these in a way that your users search, it surely will fetch you a winner. Schema increases your chance of appearing bypast your competitors. A simple attachment of defining your structured data can help you to rank higher and maybe even faster.

  • URL optimization and SSL certification
  • Often businesses tend to worry very little about the URL. Your URL is like a magician’s spell. You cannot have unnecessary characters like underscores or special characters. Keep your URL short and simple to ensure it focuses on ranking and nothing else. SSL encryption is the mighty sword that safeguards your website and simultaneously wins the trust of your search engine. Especially if your business is in the e-commerce domain, you must invest in SSL encryption to safeguard all your details like credit card information and user details.

  • Build a trustworthy bond and not just links!
  • Higher domain linking websites indeed rank better always. By building credible links that appear on other similar websites can take you a long way. A bond that is trusted by local businesses and brand influencers and endorsements by local listings can give plenty of backlinks to your website.

Conclusion: SEO is a simple equation that balances it by tallying all the elements on your website. Get in touch with us to know more about making your website rank No.1 like us! Call now to get a free site audit and start your SEO journey to success!

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