Why Your Digital Ads is More Effective Than Tradtional Ads
Digital Marketing

Why you should increase your Digital Ad spends than traditional ads?

The Internet is persistently becoming one of the most important and efficient way of communicating or promoting a message or a brand. It is gradually overpowering all other mediums of conveying a message. It is apt for any type of business small or big. The system of advertising through digital mediums is effective as it can be measured as related to traditional advertising, which means the ROI can be measured precisely too. Talking about the objective of any ad, it’s the same in case of traditional and digital marketing. All a business needs is visibility, brand awareness and lead generation. The primary objective varies from company to company and so does the way of approach. Attracting potential and prospective customers is the end goal of any company small or big.

How Digital Ads Work:

Digitalization has been driving force for digital marketing and it is just going on increasing rapidly with each passing day. Why? There are major reasons why digital ads are preferred over traditional ads.
For any ad to become effective it should have the right message, the right set of target audience and the right time. With digital advertising, you can reach out to the right people, with the right message, at the right time. No more you need to depend on a hoarding or a tv ad or pamphlet for people to know about your brand/ company/ service.

Digital marketing is economical in every aspect as you have a count of each penny that you spend and most importantly about the response of people on those ads. It is very important for you to know where you are spending money and whether it is worth spending or not. You can see the results of the ad immediately unlike in traditional marketing. In case of traditional marketing you spend so much but don’t even know if your target audience have seen it or not. Even if they have they don’t always take action immediately, which is a big drawback.

With so many digital platforms and means like social media platforms, Google ads, YouTube videos, content marketing, website, Google Adwords, SEO, to name a few, it is becoming easy and way more convenient to promote your company and its services. Traditional marketing can’t actually help you get ranked in Google, but digital marketing can actually help you get ranked.


Google offers plethora of tools by means of which you can spread your business and monitor it at the same time. One such tool being Google display ad that helps in diversified ways. It helps in expanding your company’s reach. The GDN comprises of over a million blogs, news pages, and other sites that Google deems suitable for ads—including Google’s own Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. This makes it a great place to expand your reach online. You have the advantage of investing the amount of money you want for the period of time you desire to run it. It is also claimed that the GDN reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide—a very important aspect for businesses that need to expand their online reach.

Another advantage that GDA provides is the access to Google’s ad tool which allows you to create ads in various forms. It saves time as you can quickly create an ad with minimum text and image or video andx your ad is good to go. Also you can optimize it according to your needs like you have the liberty to set the target audience and even pre-decide the location. For example, you can select specific websites, games, apps, and more in the GDN where you want to place your ads—this is called managed placements. You can also use contextual targeting, which places your ad on different sites based on the keywords you have selected. Unlike the traditional ways you ad doesn’t go all in vain or unnoticed and you can show it to people who you think is your prospective customer.

In our fast paced lives it is very difficult to read everything in details. Majority prefers less text and more of creative or visually appealing information. In case of Google ads one important aspect is this. It has limited character counts but visually it is more attractive and it’s a basic human tendency to pause and look at something that is alluring or interesting enough. GDA is more of graphic content (graphical designs, video and audio) which aids your company’s branding too. According to some source, video marketing is yields more revenue and grabs more attention than normal hoardings or any other traditional marketing as a matter of fact.

It should not be surprising at all that Google gives you access to detailed reports on your advertising through the GDN. It allows you to know how many clicks your ad got, which ad got the most number of likes, the rate of engagement, and so on. It’s like value for all the money you spend. In a way it enhances in measuring the success rate of your campaign.


Traditional method of marketing has its own perks but when it comes to ads and gaining maximum reach, it is always advised to go for digital marketing because of the edge that it provides. Traditional marketing is important but for a small business it is not always feasible to go for traditional marketing as it incurs lot of expense and you can’t even gauge the relevancy or the success rate of the campaign. A small start-up would always like to see fruitful results spending a bare minimum amount, which is possible only with digital advertising. So think no more and start spending where you can actually see the results immediately.


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