7 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important for SEO

Why Content Marketing is Important for SEO?

There have been various sorts of discussions on what is the most important part of SEO. After doing hours of arguing, the answer is very simple “Content”. This is because search engines cannot see images or videos so one needs to provide detailed information of the website in a text form. Often individuals spent most of the time in designing the website so that they do not have to spend much time on the content part of it. The look of the website is an important aspect no doubt about it, but content is ultimately what will engage the reader and will keep their attention. Good content is the one which is well structured and is timely updated so that the customer is forced to visit the website/blog again to read the fresh content.

Reasons for content marketing being important in SEO are:

  1. Keyword research- We need to find out what the target audience are talking about and are asking for. The business data should be put into use to understand what we should be writing about, what the users are looking for in the product even that information which is missing from the site. Once this is known, the whole content production problem is solved. For eg: When Oscars was being aired live on TV, the people who are getting updates from internet, they must be using keywords like Oscar live, Oscar update or Oscar 2017, therefore the websites or the bloggers to optimise content search should use such keywords so that their website or post is on top of the search result pages.
  2. Internal linking- The content for better optimisation can be internally linked to external blogs and sites providing more information to the users. Usually other articles of our own or external content that provides valid data or any other useful information about the topic is internally linked. For eg: There is a blog on Ariel Share the Load and to validate its research an external link has been provided to validate the research conducted on men and their thinking on how laundry is considered to be a woman’s job.
  3. Navigation- The entire user experience is created through navigation. The user should be able to navigate from one page to another very easily. When the content is well structured and short and is able to link internally then navigation becomes easier for them. For eg: If the user is on the landing page of Amazon when he types Hair dryer the results are shown to him and this makes his navigation easier. This automatically leads to more users visiting the website and increasing their SEO.
  4. Voice search- Each year billions of searches are done via voice commands and the number is increasing day by day. This growing trend will create an impact on the keyword optimisation since people don’t speak in the same way we write. This will have a great impact on SEO as everyone expects one correct answer given by a device. Therefore, quality content which provides the most thorough and readable answer becomes a crucial factor in this case.
  5. Progressive web-apps- Progressive web-apps are engaging, reliable, fast and convenient to the users. SEO efforts on these apps can be boosted by increasing the level of engagement with the users through an app like experience. For eg: Flipkart app users have a higher level of engagement than its website’s users. Some offers are only for the app users, so this sort of content increases the level of engagement with the users.
  6. Blog- To increase the number of users to a particular blog, there should be a unique title that relates to the content of the post. A long tail keyword should be used but only the keyword should not be the title. Eg: How to use tagging in Facebook to the most beneficial way? A catchy description that encourages people to click. Eg: Learn how to use tagging in Facebook to generate more traffic to its link.
  7. Newsjacking- Updating information on the basis of current affairs is also appreciated and engages readers in a great manner. If there is a search that suddenly goes popular versus any normal activity then automatically that will give a boost in the search results. For eg: Oreo used newsjacking as one of its tools to promote its product. During Superbowl 2013, when the power went off, Oreo came up with this tweet saying, “Power Out? No problem” with a starkly-lit image of a solitary Oreo and the caption, “You can still dunk in the dark”. This is how brands or even bloggers utilise newsjacking to their advantage.

Once the quality and quantity of the content is decided upon, then comes the point where its value is determined. The determination of the valued content depends upon various factors like social shares (higher the number of shares is an indicator of good quality of content), links (the more links acquired calls for a celebration) and comments (usually people do not comment, but if they do then it indicates that the reader is engaged and have a thought about what you have to say).

Content is the king. We do not need more content in general but instead we need a more optimised content that engages consumers and makes them reach information that they are actually looking for.

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