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Why you should increase your Digital Ad spends than traditional ads?

The Internet is persistently becoming one of the most important and efficient way of communicating or promoting a message or a brand. It is gradually overpowering all other mediums of conveying a message. It is apt for any type of business small or big. The system of advertising through digital mediums is effective as it can be measured as related to traditional advertising, which means the ROI can be measured precisely too. Talking about the objective of any ad, it’s the same in case of traditional and digital marketing. All a business needs is visibility, brand awareness and lead generation. The primary objective varies from company to company and so does the way of approach. Attracting potential and prospective customers is the end goal of any company small or big.
Digitalization has been driving force for digital marketing and it is just going on increasing rapidly with each passing day. Why? There are major reasons why digital ads are preferred over traditional ads.
For any ad to become effective it should have the right message, the right set of target audience and the right time. With digital advertising, you can reach out to the right people, with the right message, at the right time. No more you need to depend on a hoarding or a tv ad or pamphlet for people to know about your brand/ company/ service.

Digital marketing is economical in every aspect as you have a count of each penny that you spend and most importantly about the response of people on those ads. It is very important for you to know where you are spending money and whether it is worth spending or not. You can see the results of the ad immediately unlike in traditional marketing. In case of traditional marketing you spend so much but don’t even know if your target audience have seen it or not. Even if they have they don’t always take action immediately, which is a big drawback.
With so many digital platforms and means like social media platforms, Google ads, YouTube videos, content marketing, website, Google Adwords, SEO, to name a few, it is becoming easy and way more convenient to promote your company and its services. Traditional marketing can’t actually help you get ranked in Google, but digital marketing can actually help you get ranked.

Google offers plethora of tools by means of which you can spread your business and monitor it at the same time. One such tool being Google display ad that helps in diversified ways. It helps in expanding your company’s reach. The GDN comprises of over a million blogs, news pages, and other sites that Google deems suitable for ads—including Google’s own Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. This makes it a great place to expand your reach online. You have the advantage of investing the amount of money you want for the period of time you desire to run it. It is also claimed that the GDN reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide—a very important aspect for businesses that need to expand their online reach.

Another advantage that GDA provides is the access to Google’s ad tool which allows you to create ads in various forms. It saves time as you can quickly create an ad with minimum text and image or video andx your ad is good to go. Also you can optimize it according to your needs like you have the liberty to set the target audience and even pre-decide the location. For example, you can select specific websites, games, apps, and more in the GDN where you want to place your ads—this is called managed placements. You can also use contextual targeting, which places your ad on different sites based on the keywords you have selected. Unlike the traditional ways you ad doesn’t go all in vain or unnoticed and you can show it to people who you think is your prospective customer.
In our fast paced lives it is very difficult to read everything in details. Majority prefers less text and more of creative or visually appealing information. In case of Google ads one important aspect is this. It has limited character counts but visually it is more attractive and it’s a basic human tendency to pause and look at something that is alluring or interesting enough. GDA is more of graphic content (graphical designs, video and audio) which aids your company’s branding too. According to some source, video marketing is yields more revenue and grabs more attention than normal hoardings or any other traditional marketing as a matter of fact.
It should not be surprising at all that Google gives you access to detailed reports on your advertising through the GDN. It allows you to know how many clicks your ad got, which ad got the most number of likes, the rate of engagement, and so on. It’s like value for all the money you spend. In a way it enhances in measuring the success rate of your campaign.

Traditional method of marketing has its own perks but when it comes to ads and gaining maximum reach, it is always advised to go for digital marketing because of the edge that it provides. Traditional marketing is important but for a small business it is not always feasible to go for traditional marketing as it incurs lot of expense and you can’t even gauge the relevancy or the success rate of the campaign. A small start-up would always like to see fruitful results spending a bare minimum amount, which is possible only with digital advertising. So think no more and start spending where you can actually see the results immediately.

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Why digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing?

Expert analysis

We live in a digital world where every sec a new thing happens we are immediately updated about it. The digital revolution has launched a new era of human empowerment both in terms of personal and professional. Digital is the need of the hour and as stated by Bill Gates, “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. Marketing being an indispensable part for not only business development but also for augmenting brand awareness, it’s important to analyze and understand which kind of marketing will have a long-lasting impact on the users. According to Philip Kotler, one of the preeminent marketing minds, a leading expert on strategic marketing and the forefather of social marketing, ”Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value. It is the art of helping your customers become better off. The marketer’s watchwords are quality, service, and value”. However the raging debate between digital marketing and traditional marketing is a persistent one, reason being, though most of the marketing is done in the traditional way, digital marketing is steadily gaining an edge.
Traditional marketing
Traditional marketing is one of the conventional methods of advertising. It is used since the inception of advertising. It incorporates different forms of marketing starting from print, broadcast to direct mail marketing. This encompasses the following:

  • Newspaper
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Flyers, pamphlets, brochures
  • Billboards
  • Magazine ads

Digital Marketing
Traditional marketing includes all the 4Ps of marketing- Product, Price, Promotion and Place, while when it comes to digital marketing, primary focus is given on promotion wherein the product/service can get more exposure and response. Digital marketing encompasses all digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to promote the brand/ service as well to generate sales. It aids in direct connection with the target audience.

Advantage of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Both traditional marketing and digital marketing has its own perks. With the advent of new age digital technologies, there is no doubt that internet marketing has set a new revolution altogether. Digital marketing has some clear winning benefits over traditional marketing and some of those are mentioned below.

1. Comparatively Low Cost
Advertising and marketing is a vital part of any business, but certainly it’s a costly affair. While shelling out money might be comparatively easy for big businesses, for small businesses or start-up companies, it is quite difficult. However, marketing via digital platforms is more affordable as compared to the traditional method. With just a bare minimum investment, you can subscribe to an email marketing provider and send emails to thousands of customers. While on the other hand marketing through the newspaper, television and other such media ads cost a lot.

2. Higher Return On Investment
For any company or business, all that matters the most is the return on investment. Digital marketing offers a significant return on small investments. Be it email marketing or running advertising campaigns on social media platforms, it’s always cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing techniques.

3. Real Time Result
In case of traditional marketing you actually can’t track everything and do not get to see the results immediately. It takes a longer time to evaluate the precision of a campaign. Whereas in case of digital marketing it is easy to comprehend the success rate of the digital campaign. You can know whether a campaign is running successfully or not instantly. It is also easy to measure, for instance the number of views, the conversion rate, the engagement rate and so on.

4. Brand Development
Every small or big company needs branding to some extent, even in case of lead generation, it is very important for the company to be visible and available for the target audience. It is mostly through a brand awareness campaign that a company reaches its visibility. However when the question arises about which particular type of marketing is more effective, digital or traditional marketing, digital marketing takes the winning position. A well-developed website, a high quality blog and useful articles, a social media channel, are some of the ways by which a business can create brand awareness. Unlike traditional marketing, you can consistently build the image of your company and whenever you want.

5. More Interactive
When we talk about traditional marketing, we are reminded of methods that are informative but not interactive in true sense. After reading a newspaper you can at the most discuss that amongst people or just keep it to yourself. Even when you see any billboard, you react to it or max to max take an initiative if you are one of the target audiences. You can not only interact with your targeted audience in the real time, but also make prompt and fruitful steps based on their feedbacks.

6. Target-specific
In case of traditional form of marketing device, it is not always possible to cover a certain area or population or just focus on one part of the population and ignore the rest. As opposed to this, digital marketing has the ability to reach out to the whole world or you can even set your specific target audience accordingly. In case of digital marketing, you can retarget the audience based on their likings and preferences. Even a person has a choice to see an ad or ignore, participate in a social media discussion group or read or ignore a marketing email.

7. Sharable
As digital marketing uses internet marketing, it is easy for anyone to share the ads or the articles across different platforms and with multiple followers. This in turn enhances the visibility of the service/product or the company, which again aids in increasing the sales and create better brand awareness.

8. Trackable
With digital marketing accurately measuring your marketing efforts, tracking each penny that you spend, it becomes very easy and quick to gauge the success rate of an ad campaign. You can instantly see which strategy is working and which isn’t through Google Analytics, inbound traffic, conversion rate, interested audience, bounce rate and profit.

9. Globally Accessible
The world is now said to have turned into a global village. There has been a paradigm shift with digitalization. Now anyone, sitting in any corner of the world can see any ad campaign whenever they want. Digitalization is bringing everyone closer and enhancing a more integral and connected world than ever before.
Steve Irvine, Vice President of Global Partnerships for Facebook had some insights on “Personalized Marketing at Scale”. He stated in a conference “When marketing via mobile, you are competing with family and friends. So be smart and targeted. Facebook is getting 4 billion video views per day! The average person checks Facebook on their phone 14 times a day. On Facebook you are competing with everything, so targeting is the key! Smartphone is the driver of digital today.”
Nevertheless the key to staying relevant and keeping customers in this highly competitive world is to ensure a continuous engagement with the target audience. We are constantly progressing towards a digital world with each passing day and with the above stated facts it’s almost clear that digital marketing has a profound impact when it comes to branding or generating revenue. According to Philip Kotler, “it will be foolish for any company to go overboard on digital media. Companies should use a mix of social and traditional media to promote products. They can experiment with the amount of digital media that is optimal but it is unlikely that companies will only use digital marketing. Companies often need a 30-second commercial that gives a big picture of the brand and then use social media on the back of it. Social and traditional media can reinforce each other and work together.”

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Digital Marketing

10 Most important questions to ask before hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Digitalization is taking over the world today and though it is believed to be still in the nascent stage, it is influencing every aspect of our lives affirmatively. We are constantly on the run for a better and easy life. This urge to always be in the limelight has triggered the thought in the minds of people about the importance of digital marketing. Any small or big business wants to opt for it just to have their presence in the market and to reach out to their target audience in an organized way. But just jumping into a conclusion that the best thing for your business would be to hire a digital marketing consultant is certainly not the ultimate decision that you need to make. The most important question that lies here is how you choose the best agency for your company. How exactly do you choose who to hire?
There are some questions that you should ask potential consultants that will help make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Read on for ten questions to ask a digital marketing consultant.

First and foremost it is very important to understand the kind of clients that the agency caters to, whether it is B2B or B2C. On the basis of your requirement, it is important to check out the work done by the agency for their clients. It doesn’t necessarily mean that agencies are not versatile, but proven results can help you strongly believe in their capabilities. Also make a comparative analysis amongst agencies. If any agency exclusively caters to one particular industry they may have conflicts of interest with your competitors, so that’s better to avoid. Again if they have recently worked in your industry, it’s an added advantage.

One of the most crucial deciding factors is the capability and the versatility of an agency. Marketing doesn’t work in the air, rather digital marketing is completely based on pre-decided strategies, nexus of planning. Make sure that the agency is equipped with all the required services such as web designing, web development, website hosting, search engine optimization, content marketing, video marketing, social media strategy, branding, Adwords, to name a few. Sure, every agency is better at some things than others. In order for your marketing efforts to be well-rounded and potent, your agency should have a bouquet of proficiencies at its disposal.

Marketing approach varies from company to company. It is very important to understand the need of the hour. What your company require, is it just branding or lead generation. A digital marketing agency is considered to be the strategic partners. Their definition of marketing is extensive and should aim to provide an all-encompassing solution. They should have the ability to think through and tackle business quandaries beyond generating leads and converting customers. The agency should act as the guiding light for you. It should pave the way accordingly. Agencies have a tendency to mis-sell at times. Before investing on any agency, it’s better to understand the end goal clearly. See if the agency is guiding you according to what you need and not pushing you to invest money on unnecessary things.

It’s like an obvious question when it comes to business. The return on investment is one of the major concerns of any company small or big company. So budget is one of the factors that need attention. You’re certainly not going to enter into an agreement without determining the cost first. Asking about the budget can aid in understanding their quality standards as well, for instance an agency who charges extravagantly can be scamming you or an agency with low pricings might not provide quality service. You should hire a digital marketing consultant who charges a considerable price. That way you can deduce that they are good are good at what they do. Also it is advisable to start with less investment so that you don’t fall flat on your face if the agency doesn’t work well for you.

A company is as good as its people. When you hire a marketing agency, it’s like gaining new teammates. It is therefore important to know how proficient they are. Make sure that they are approachable and have the capability to address the problems in hand efficiently. What is your gut instinct about them after visiting their website or meeting them in person? Meet the person who will be your point of contact or the people who will be managing your projects. Try and interact with them extensively about their opinion on the project or the campaign, see if they sound convincing enough.

Now that you are aware of what they do and what are their offerings, next step is to know how. The kind of tools that they will be using, will that get you enough reach, how will that help you grow your business. For example different software tools help in different functionality like managing projects, tracking the reach, making reports and so on. Not all tools and software are created equally. For example, at Figmints, we use Basecamp for project management and file sharing. It streamlines the communication process between the team and clients – which is important because you want your agency to be using your budget for actual marketing work and not 50% project management.

A lot depends on the content and how we optimize it to reach our targeted goals. While hiring a digital marketing agency, you expect them to improve your content so that it can enhance your presence and visibility. It’s good to be inquisitive at times. Ask for a full proof plan and don’t just rely on assumption. A good marketing consultant should know how to optimize your existing content, if you need to create new content, and how all of that will work together.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the primary ways to rank first in the search page. Therefore link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. If you don’t have any links leading back to your website, improving your rankings in Google search will be an arduous task. Now the question arises, how they are proposing to do that. Check with their previous SEO related works to analyze how good they are in rank building.
This might sound a little odd, but it’s really needed to comprehend and evaluate whatever they say. They might promise you anything and everything but you need to have a basic understanding to judge them. Guaranteeing a top rank in a limited period is not possible. If you are assured of a top ranking it might just be a false hope being given to you. Better not to fall for such traps. It’s good if the agency is honest to you and gives you assurance of delivering or doing the best that is possible.

The work that they plan for you is that fetching the result you desire? It is very important to analyze the growth and the progress of whatever has been planned. The agency you connect with should provide a precise progress report on a monthly basis so that you are updated about the success or failure of the campaign. This will help you to decide whether to continue with the plan or not and in a way help you to invest your money accordingly.
However all said and done the right person for the job will be okay with eventually working themselves out of a job. No matter which agency you connect with, someone at your end will have to take certain responsibilities eventually and have the skills to make the agency work according to the needs of the company. You should know how to get a job done and ensure that the agency aids in creating long-lasting results.
Now that you know the basic questions before hiring any digital agency, get started now!

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Where to start with digital marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the hottest trends in the latest times. Gone are the days when word of mouth and printed publicity resources used to be the mainstream of flourishing the name and profits of a particular business. Now, digital marketing is ruling every sphere of spreading the word of the business. The improvement of the usage of internet has led to the immense growth of the digital marketing in the recent times. This ensures that the digital marketing is utilized in the best possible ways for improving the performance and results of a business.

If a business needs to start with digital marketing, then there are specific steps which need to be followed to ensure the best results for the business. To start with digital marketing, it is essential to building a proper plan for the execution of the decided plan. You need to search for a trustable digital marketing agency which has a proven track of records of bringing the targeted results for the businesses and companies in your niche with the help of the digital marketing. You can contact the respective chosen digital marketing agency and ensure that you keep your goals clear. Also, explain your goals in proper detail to avoid any confusion during the execution of the digital marketing steps.

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B2b marketing Digital Marketing

How to overcome unique B2B digital marketing challenges

In today’s time, it is essential to ensure that B2B companies are taking the right steps to promote themselves as well as fetch the correct results at the right point of time. This mainly involves digital marketing and advertising the company from time to time on various social media platforms.

This leads to the requirement of overcoming various challenges associated with the implementation of the digital marketing strategies. There are multiple segments of the B2B digital marketing sphere. You need to hold a lot of patience if you want to make B2B tasks on a consistent basis. Therefore, it is essential to overcome unique B2B digital marketing challenges to ensure the success of the efforts applied to achieving the goals.

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Factors that will Fuel your Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s time, every individual aims to excel in life as early as possible. The same is in the case of the businesses and companies who want to convert their target audience into customers and clients as soon as possible. This requires taking the right steps at the right point in time to achieve the desired results well on time. There are various factors which fuel the digital marketing strategy of different businesses and companies. Here are some of the important ones which form the pillars of the digital marketing strategy.

Quality content is one of the crucial factors while determining the success of a digital marketing strategy for your business. So, you need to have a keen focus on the type and quality of the content which you are utilizing to present on the social media. Gone are the days when only sentences were the lifeline of a particular content piece. Now it is the time to explore different types of content across various social media platforms to ensure that your target audience takes an interest in your product.

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Why Are Businesses shifting from Traditional marketing to Digital Marketing?

The introduction of internet has caused rippled waves that have impacted every walk of life. Looking at the massive scope of the internet, we can see changes happening at a fast pace. How can the marketing needs for business remain unaffected by this vast potential? Big businesses are ever increasing their digital marketing budget and small businesses are now able to market their products effectively. Digital Marketing allows the small business owners to take their businesses to the masses while earlier this was a remote possibility. For whatever the reason, we all can see that the traditional marketing is taking a backseat and digital marketing is zooming ahead.

Here are some of the reasons why digital marketing is on the rise.

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Content SEO

How Content marketing is crucial for SEO?

“Content is King”, If you were ever associated with SEO, you would have come across this phrase. Let’s break it down.

Google as an efficient search Engine wants to provide the most significant results for a query searched by its user. In order to do that, Google’s crawler’s surf through millions of pages and index them so that they are useful when a query is asked by a user. Google takes around 200+ factors into consideration before ranking a pages.  In Practice, most of the factors are taken care of by agencies and companies. Link building is a one way of getting merit in the eyes of Google but that’s just one part of SEO.

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Here is the List of Top Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

In this breakneck era, everyone is trying to overpower the others in some way or the other. With the evolvement of digitalization, the demand to grow and persistently develop digitally has become the need of the hour. According to experts, digital technology is so broad that it can encompass almost everything. The advent of digitalization enhanced the importance of digital marketing to such an extent that in every nook and corner of a city, one can find digital marketing agencies. Bangalore is no exception, hosts some of the top agencies in India that cater to not only local and national companies but also international companies. Choosing the right company can be an arduous task, so here are the names of some of the best digital marketing agencies which will understand your company needs and create a marketing strategy that best suits you. Now choose the right company to kick-start your business and help it reach new heights of success.

You name it and we are there to address all your digital marketing needs. DigiMark, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, not just boasts of its services but lives up to it confidently and successfully. We are almost a 5-year-old company with more than 50 successful projects. With an aim to provide an end-to-end digital solution, we started our journey with some reputed clients from various sectors like Information Technology (IT/ Software Products), Real Estate, FMCG (Consumer Goods), Education (Schools/ Colleges/ Training Institutes), HealthCare (Hospitals/ Clinics/ Doctors), Non-profit Organizations, Government sector, Startups, Manufacturing Industries, Film Industry, Hospitality (Restaurant/ Resorts/ Travel/ Event Planning/ Theme Parks) etc.

DigiMark focuses on quality more than quantity. To provide an edge, we work towards it with a planned strategy after a proper market research. By consolidating the utilization of technology, creativity, insights and analytical expertise, we enhance the promotion of products and services. We treat the work of every brand/ company/ organization, small or big, meticulously.

DigiMark stands out from the rest with its all-encompassing service offerings that are at par with the current trends, tools, and technology. We offer a plethora of services like SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing strategy, map search optimization, paid search (Adwords), website design and development, domain registration, web hosting, e-commerce solutions to name a few. We understand that it’s not just another project, but an opportunity to prove what we expertise in and build a long-term relationship with our clients.

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Adwords Digital Marketing

Successful B2B AdWords Practices for your Business

The internet world is evolving from time to time. This makes it essential for the businesses to stay updated and adapt themselves and their businesses along with the trends. Business to business strategies keep improving and new strategy and implemented to promote and excel the businesses.

Here are some of the successful B2B AdWords practices which will successfully ace your business. Study competitor keywords in the best possible manner. If you want to succeed in the daily battle of keywords along with your competitors, then you need to ensure that you study the keywords well and utilize them smartly.

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